About us

Our company provides import and export of A-branded FMCG. We are located in Slovakia and we collaborate with countries of the European Union. Our warehouse is located also in Slovakia. We’re doing wholesale and distribution of FMCG in the whole country. If you’re looking for some kind of goods, or you want to offer your goods (FMCG), feel free to contact us. We will find out availability and price of the goods you’re looking for and we will prepare a special offer suited just for you. We will quickly review your offer and let you know if we are interested.


Social responsibility

Our company also supports a local hockey club HKM Zvolen. The team is playing in the most prestige hockey league in Slovakia. We want to help this local community to develop a sporting spirit. By connecting with this well-known hockey club we have raised our trustworthiness for our partners abroad.

HKM Zvolen HKM Zvolen